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Basic Science

Chinghai Kao, PhD In 1998, the Andrew and Peg Thomson Chair for Prostate Cancer Research was established at Indiana University School of Medicine. The urology laboratories include 2,500 square feet and a fully equipped laboratory space. Dr. Chinghai Kao joined our laboratory in 2000 as the Andrew and Peg Thomson Prostate Cancer Scholar and researcher. Drs. Kao and Gardner are pursuing novel genetically based treatment modalities for prostate cancer. He is investigating gene therapy based approaches to the treatment of prostate cancer as well as the mechanisms of hormone insensitivity.

Dr. Thomas Gardner is investigating the potential of several novel tumor specific gene therapy approaches and thermal therapies for urologic cancers. His approach is to target particular cancers by targeting the unique molecular aspects of a tumor uncovered in the laboratory. Currently, he is developing common cold virus to treat men with metastatic prostate cancer and is in the process of bringing this approach in the clinic.

Dr. Martin Kaefer is an active investigator in the pediatric urology laboratory research program in the same facility, which also houses the Wells Center for Pediatric Research. The focus of this laboratory includes smooth muscle alterations, which occur in obstructive uropathy and the effect of growth factors on prostatic smooth muscle growth.