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Surgical Training


Robot Training

The minimally invasive fellow coordinates weekend training sessions on the da Vinci robot at University Hospital OR.

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Graduate Case Load Examples

The chart represents the number of cases a resident can expect to log during his/her residency. The numbers are an average of the three or four chiefs for their respective year. For example, the 3 graduating chiefs in 2010 logged a combined 291 prostatectomies. This number was divided by 3 to give 97, which is the average number of prostatectomies done by each chief of that graduating year.


50th %*
Min Req.
TURP/HoLEP/TUIP/TURBT 166 159 201 162 235 213 165 132 100
Ultrasound/Biopsy 192 162 47 86 67 54 62 137 25
Ureteroscopy** 259 237 233 269 349 238 192 130 40
Percutaneous renal surgery** 182 179 198 216 261 156 107 31 10
Diversion** 50 44 76 79 78 93 86 15 8
Urethroplasty 41 32 18 23 19 21 19 23 5
Female 29 23 41 40 35 32 37 33 15
Prostatectomy all 76 84 97 84 79 136 100 72 25
Cystectomy all** 40 44 76 63 55 57 62 18 8
Nephrectomy all 88 99 100 105 85 92 104 80 30
RPLND** 45 38 48 62 56 36 43 4 0
Robotics/laparoscopic 32 54 129 131
Hypospadias 33 23 80 77 79 74 54 21 5
Reimplant** 59 62 88 56 65 31 31 21 5
* 50th percentile of 235 residents in 114 urology training programs (2004-2008).
** Above 90th percentile of 235 residents in 114 urology training programs (2004-2008).



Hospital Schedule

*Surgery rotations include Urology, Trauma, Vascular, Transplant, SICU, Peds, General Surgery, General Surgery/Hepatobiliary Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, & Night Float



Call Schedule

Call schedules are estimates and subject to change as additional residents are added due to the increase to 4 residents per class. The 80 hour workweek is enforced and monitored through MedHub’s daily hour tracking system.

Uro-1 Junior

  • Riley/University/Clinic: In house (Q5)
  • Methodist: home (Q2 during week, every other weekend off)

Uro-2 Intermediate

  • VA/Wishard: home (Q2 during week, 2-3 weekends off)
  • University: In house (Q5)

Uro-3 Senior

  • Methodist: home (Q2 during week, 3 out of 4 weekends off), flex (Methodist one weekend/month)
  • University: backup home call
  • Adjusting for additional resident per year

Uro-4 Chief

  • VA/Wishard: backup home call during week, 3 out of 4 weekends off
  • University: backup home call, every other weekend off


The Hospitals

Indiana University Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals is the only training center in a state of over six million people. It is a referral center for throughout the Midwest. Testis cancer patients come from around the country and throughout the world. This exceptionally large referral base provides a great diversity of clinical material. The program's hospitals include four university based facilities on the same campus and a large private hospital several blocks away.

UniversityIU Health University Hospital
Opened in 1970 with major renovations in 1974 and 1994, this teaching hospital for tertiary adult care has 400 beds. The world's largest contemporary experience in retroperitoneal surgery for carcinoma of the testis is centered here. Most of the program's large volume of open surgery in Urologic Oncology and robotic surgery is done at this hospital. The IU Simon Cancer Center, the only NCI designated cancer hospital in Indiana, opened in August of 2008. Expansion and renovation of urology academic offices and the clinic are expected with the addition of resident and fellows offices, library, and a simulation lab.

RileyRiley Hospital for Children - IU Health
This 250 bed facility offers excellent coverage of pediatric urologic and renal problems. This facility includes 14 operating rooms, radiology suites, and neonatal facilities making the children's hospital one of the largest and most up to date in the United States. The state-of-the-art Riley Outpatient Center opened in August, 2000 and the pediatric urology clinic is located there. A new bed tower will open in 2010. Riley Children's Hospital was recently rated as having the most complicated patient case mix index in the United States.


WishardEskenazi Hospital
This 400 bed facility is a busy city-county is an integral part of the Indiana University residency training programs in all disciplines, offering full-time faculty staffing and a wide variety of experiences in general urology, and trauma in both adults and children.


VAVeterans Administration
With a total of 550 beds, the VA Hospital offers the program's residents an extensive experience in inpatient surgical and consultation services, and the development of outpatient evaluation and treatment skills. The urology clinic includes full-time staffing with the newest in equipment available for all types of cases.



MethodistIU Health Methodist Hospital
One of the largest private hospitals in the nation, it has 1,000 beds and provides a busy rotation for two of the program's residents. Private practice urologists holding clinical faculty appointments from Indiana University are based at this hospital providing our residents with exposure to the full gamut of urology with a focus on stone disease and endourology.



IU Health System
In 1997, Indiana University Hospital, Riley Children's Hospital, and Methodist Hospital merged to form Clarian Health, one of the largest health care facilities in the United States. Clarian Health has since been rebranded Indiana University Health, to emphasize it's partnership with the IU School of Medicine, one of the nation's leading medical schools.


Conferences and Presentations

There are numerous regular departmental conferences and seminars which include:

Weekly Conferences:

  • Intravenous Pyelogram Conference
  • GU Oncology Multidisciplinary Conference

Monthly Conferences:

  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference
  • Journal Club
  • Campbell's Club
  • Pediatric Urology Conference

Special lectures:

  • Wishard Memorial Lecture (General urology, spring)
  • Robert A. Garrett Visiting Professorship (Pediatric urology. fall)
  • John Donohue Visiting Professorship (Cancer, late fall)