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Resident Resources

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MedHub Medhub CareWeb IU Health Careweb IU Health
ACGME ACGME resident case log   Cerner/Synapse onlineCerner/Synapse online
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RRC index categories   IU Health employee page   IU Health employee page
IU IU Outlook Web Access   IU   Onestart
Yahoo Groups IU Yahoo groups   IU   IUWare
Campbell Walsh Campbell Walsh Urology
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Campbell Walsh Campbell Walsh Urology
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    Cancer Nomograms
  OVID     Prostate (Kattan)
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    Prostate (Partin Tables)
Scopus   Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kattan)
Embase     Bladder (Kattan)
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Web Pathology Web genitourinary tract pathology   NCCN NCCN Guidelines
  Great Papers in Urology   NCCN App NCCN Guidelines App
  Resident Documents
U: iuguresidents
  Resident Training: 
  REDCap da Vinci da Vinci training
  AUA Links:    da Vinci da Vinci instructions
Journal of Urology Journal of Urology AMA AMA training modules
Urology Clinics of NA   Urology Clinics of North America AMA AMA training instructions
How to Register for Urology Clinics of North America BARD   BARD POPQ demo
AUA AUA Clinical Guidelines Video Urology   VIDEOUROLOGY
AUA AUA Residency Education WebSurg   WebSurg
AUA AUA Core Cirriculum