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Clint Bahler, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Bahler completed medical school at Indiana University after finishing a degree in biomedical engineering at Purdue University with highest distinction. He completed his urologic surgery residency at Indiana University, and chose to undergo additional specialty fellowship training in laparoscopic and robotic surgery with Dr. Chandru Sundaram at Indiana University. His areas of clinical interest are kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney stones.

Dr. Bahler’s research is focused on kidney and prostate cancer. He prefers a personalized approach to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer by utilizing new blood tests in addition to PSA. He also uses advanced imaging (MRI) to guide prostate biopsies. For prostate cancer that has not spread widely through the prostate or outside the prostate, Dr. Bahler performs high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU was recently approved in the USA and offers prostate cancer treatment without incisions or radiation. For further details see: Indiana University HIFU. For advanced prostate cancer, Dr. Bahler is working on a new prostate cancer specific molecular tracer (PSMA). This tracer will hopefully enable surgeons to “see” aggressive cancer outside the prostate during surgery and decrease the risk of cancer left in the body.

Dr. Bahler is currently the principle investigator on a study to preserve renal function during kidney surgery (clinicaltrials.gov). Dr. Bahler enjoys promoting personalized medicine by building customized three-dimensional computer models for his patients to better understand their tumor and help in sparing as much of their kidney as possible during tumor removal. He is also involved in testing a targeted fluorescent imaging agent for kidney cancer that will hopefully "light up" the tumor allowing surgeons to better see the tumor during surgery and also see tumor metastasis in more advanced cancers (clinicaltrials.gov).

Dr. Bahler has authored peer-reviewed manuscripts in the areas of kidney cancer, partial nephrectomy techniques for small renal masses, prostate cancer, surgical training, and living related kidney donation. He has authored book chapters on upper tract urothelial cancer of the kidney, surgical training, and minimally invasive surgery for living related kidney donation.

Dr. Bahler may be contacted for an appointment through his assistant Kelly Ritter at (317) 688-5504, by using the online request link located above, by fax at (317) 688-5505, or by mail at:

Clint Bahler, M.D., M.S.
Department of Urology
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Indiana Cancer Pavilion
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